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Close Friend Season 2 (2022)

Close Friend Season 2 (2022)

Close Friend โคตรแฟน Season 2

Now showing: Episode 3

Latest episode: Episode 3Episode 2Episode 1

Country: Thailand

Director: Chacree Rujiviphat

Genres: BL World, Drama, Music, Romance

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Movie plot

“Close Friend 2” is extended from the first season. It represents the relationship of two couples that need to face an important test. Pierce introduced Typhoon to his parents as his junior not his boyfriend at their first meeting. So, they are in an awkward predicament. For another couple, Ray discovered Jedi is set up to be an imaginary couple with Milin and he can’t do anything about that because their relationship is a secret. How do they pass this test? And can they prove themselves about this complex relation?

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