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Extreme Job (Geukhanjikeob) Trailer

Extreme Job (Geukhanjikeob)

극한직업 , Geukhanjikeob

111 min

Country: South Korea

Director: Byeong-heon Lee

Actors: Dong-hwi LeeDong-yong LeeEui-sung KimJeong-se OhJin-Hee JangJun-seok HeoLee HaneeMyeong GongSeon-kyu JinSeung-ryong Ryu…

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Korean Movie, Mystery

3.69/ 5 4 votes
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Movie plot

A drug squad consists of 5 detectives: Detective Squad Chief Go, Detective Jang, Detective Ma, Detective Young Ho, and Detective Jae Hoon. The team attempts to take down a criminal organization and they must go undercover to do so. The detectives begin work as employees at a chicken restaurant, but the chicken restaurant becomes famous for its delicious chicken. Due to the restaurant’s unexpected popularity, the detectives find themselves in a situation they never expected.

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