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Heroes (2022)

Heroes (2022)

说英雄谁是英雄 , Say Hero Who is Hero , Shuo Ying Xiong Shei Shi Ying Xiong , 說英雄誰是英雄

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Country: China

Actors: Baron ChenJoseph ZengLiu Yu NingMeng Zi YiYang Chao Yue

Genres: China Drama, Romance, Wuxia

4.44/ 5 8 votes
Movie plot

Wang Xiao Shi, a kind young man, leaves the mountain and goes traveling around for the first time. He meets some people by accident including Wen Rou, Bai Chou Fei, and Su Meng Zhen who become his lifelong friends. In the capital city where capable guys can succeed, he experiences brotherhood and romance. As time progresses, he’s no longer an inexperienced young man but has grown into a “hero” along with his friends who can act responsibly and squash evil .

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