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Junkyouju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu (2021)

Junkyouju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu (2021)

Guess by Associate Professor Takatsuki Akira , Jun Kyoju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu

55 min

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Country: Japan

Actors: Inoo KeiJinguji YutaOkada YuiSuga KentaYoshizawa Hisashi

Genres: Drama, Japan Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

3.7/ 5 1 votes

  • Drama: Junkyouju Takatsuki Akira no Suisatsu
  • Country: Japan
  • Episodes: 8
  • Aired: Aug 7, 2021 - Sep 25, 2021
  • Aired On: Saturday
  • Original Network: Koreandrama.es
  • Duration: 55 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Movie plot

Eight years ago-a boy who got lost in a festival surrounded by the suspicious light of blue lanterns. Everyone wears a mask and continues to dance silently. It was a festival that no one should ever enter-the boy meets his grandfather, who should have died there. “Naoya, you couldn’t come to such a place …” Naoya Fukamachi, who became a college student, lived with loneliness. Naoya has been able to understand people’s lies since the day of the Blue Lantern Festival. When a person tells a lie, his voice is distorted and sounds strange. Parents who noticed Naoya’s ability kept Naoya away, and Naoya also lived without making a close human being. Meanwhile, Naoya is interested in Akiyoshi Takatsuki, a handsome associate professor of “Folk Studies II” who somehow attended. Takatsuki’s words had no “lie” at all, and his voice reached his ears comfortably. Takatsuki has a complete memory ability that can instantly memorize everything he sees, and is only interested in strange phenomena in the world. For some reason, Naoya is attracted to Takatsuki. One day, a mysterious incident occurs over “Kokuri” at an elementary school where Marika Hirahara and Kazuo Manabe work. “I’m taken to Mr. Kokuri —” Naoya is surprised by the words of a child he happens to meet. The voice was not distorted at all. In other words, a real mystery is happening?! “Wonderful!” Takatsuki, who gets excited about an unexpected mysterious phenomenon, and Ruiko Ikukata, a graduate student in the Takatsuki laboratory who watches over Takatsuki like a guardian, pursue a mystery together as an assistant for some reason. Naoya who will be different. Is there a real mystery? A human mystery sent by an associate professor with perfect memory and a lonely college student who understands lies. Opening dignifiedly!

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