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Mom Wow (2022)

Mom Wow (2022)

加油! 妈妈 , Ma Ma De Zhan Zheng , 我不要完美 , Wo Bu Yao Wan Mei , Mother's War , 妈妈的战争 , Jia You Ma Ma , 加油 妈妈 , The Warfare

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Country: China

Actors: Dong JieLi Ze FengWu YueYuan Wen KangZhang Yu Qi

Genres: China Drama, Drama, Family, Life

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Movie plot

It’s not easy to be a mom, not to mention a single mom. Zhou Nannan, a single mother, believes that she can give her son Xiaoyang a happy life just on her own. But at the critical juncture of getting her son into a primary school after his graduation from kindergarten, she realizes that all the moms in the kindergarten have their own troubles. The competent career women find themselves fail to be good moms while those full-time housewives who just focus on their husbands and children feel quite ignored. For example, a shop owner who places her unrealized dream on her child and finally pays a prize for her vanity; a young rich girl is directly exposed to the storms of life overnight.Children are childish but moms are also the novice. No one is born to be a mom. Should they cultivate their children into elites at all costs or just let them be? Should those moms give up everything for their kids or be themselves? After misunderstanding, strife and reconciliation, those moms in the kindergarten help their children enter a new life stage of primary school and also gain growth themselves.

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